‘The Empress’ Netflix Series Review - A Royal Manoeuvre

‘The Empress’ Netflix Series Review - A Royal Manoeuvre

Free-spirited Sisi (Devrim Lingnau) She doesn't want to follow others like sheep. Her mother (Jördis Triebel) is sad. She wants Sisi to marry her pick. Sisi wants to marry her soulmate.

Fed up with Sisi's antics, her mother marries off Helene (Elisa Schlott). Franz (Philip Froissant) is the possible husband. The party visits Franz to marry him to Helene. Yes, but...

Franz doesn't like the modest daughter. He's attracted to Sisi's assertiveness. Helene's heart breaks, but what can two lovers do? Franz marries Empress Sisi.

In the first episode, she stands atop a map of Vienna. In the last episode, her influence reaches a commoner army. The people's long-awaited leader has arrived. Yes, call Sisi Elisabeth.

The Empress has stunning costumes, sets, and colors. This series' money and effort are obvious. The Empress is beautiful, but that doesn't mean it's without quality.

The performances are great. Sophie, Franz's mother, is the standout (Melika Foroutan). She's hated and feared. Her incessant plotting makes her dangerous, and her arrogant demeanor makes her seem powerful.

Only Elisabeth can match her, so their scenes are electric. Elisabeth walking with Alexander's wife Maria sans Sophie makes you smile mischievously.

Elisabeth writes poems at first, but stops once she's married. She draws one or two love scenes. Sex is present and..

sexy. There are times when The Empress seems scandalous, like Elisabeth and Franz's brother Maximilian (Johannes Nussbaum).

Maybe in a second season, but not here (unless you count two instances of brief kissing to be shocking).

Rebels are planning a revolution, and there's an outside battle. Franz is non-combative.

He plans a railroad. Because he can't halt personal difficulties or conflict, he postpone involvement. Magnificent decorations and crafty, spiteful residents make it look like a crumbling fortress.

The Empress is more enjoyable to write about than watch. First season was setup. The rebel-as-Countess narrative is anticlimactic and half-baked.

If the tale continues, it may be more interesting and racy. Call if there's another season.