Why Scooter Braun "Regrets" Fighting Taylor Swift 

Why Scooter Braun "Regrets" Fighting Taylor Swift 

Scooter Bruan claimed in a recent interview that after purchasing the rights to Taylor Swift's studio albums in 2019, he "learned an essential lesson."

Scooter Braun is all too aware of the implications of his behavior.

The music executive hasn't forgotten the turmoil that accompanied the acquisition of Big Machine Music Group—and the rights to Taylor Swift's first six albums—more than three years ago.

However, in an interview with NPR's Jay Williams on September 27, Scooter said he wished there were some situations he might have handled differently.

He said, "I learned something." "When I did that agreement, I signed a rigorous NDA and couldn't inform any artists. No way. Not legal."

Scooter: "I loved working with each label artist. When we closed the contract, I started calling to say, 'Hey, I'm involved.' Before I could make four phone calls, all hell broke loose."

Taylor labeled the acquisition as "my worst case scenario" on social media.

"The world learnt about Scooter Braun's purchase of my masters," she wrote. "I could only think about his years of manipulative bullying.

Taylor said she tried to negotiate with Scooter to regain ownership of her master recordings in November 2020.

. She accused his team of wanting her to sign an NDA stating, "I would never say another word about Scooter Braun unless it was positive, before we could even look at BMLG's financial records."

"It's hard to fix a disagreement if you won't talk," Scooter  said. "I assumed that once the sale was done, everyone would talk to me, see my intent, and say, "Great, let's conduct business together." I assumed this about strangers."

Scooter learnt "never to make that presumption again." "I can't be arrogant and assume someone will want to talk and cooperate with me. These are strangers."

Taylor continues to release music while Scooter claims he'll "move on"

The singer re-recorded her albums after selling her masters. Since 2021, she's rerecorded Fearless and Red

Taylor revealed a new album, Midnights, in August.